Experienced in-house professionals

Our certified and experienced in-house professionals service your various needs and demands.

Certified professionals (some have multiple certifications)

As of March 31, 2019

Professional Engineer(Electrical & Electronics / Mechanical) 5
1st class structural design architect 3
1st class architect 74
Electric chief engineer(2nd type / 3rd type) 5
1st class construction engineer(Architectural works) 34
1st class construction engineer(Civil engineering) 7
1st class construction engineer(Electrical works) 14
1st class construction engineer(Mechanical works) 18
Fire defense equipment officer 11
CASBEE accredited professional 35
CCMJ(Certified Construction Manager) 65
CFM、CFMJ(Certified Facility Manager) 36
Electrical Consultants over 10 years experience in IT and Telecom field 4
Information Technology Engineer 11
Office Security Coordinator 6
Value Engineering Leader and specialists 15