Experienced in-house professionals

Our certified and experienced in-house professionals service your various needs and demands.

Certified professionals (some have multiple certifications)

As of July 31, 2022

Professional Engineer (Electrical & Electronics / Mechanical) 5
1st class architect 82
1st class structural design architect 1
1st class equipment design architect 11
CCMJ (Certified Construction Manager) 97
Engineers relating to quality assurance of public buildings construction work 6
Building mechanical and electrical engineer 17
Electric chief engineer (2nd type / 3rd type) 7
Professional lighting consultant, Senior lighting consultant 3
1st class construction engineer (Architectural works) 32
1st class construction engineer (Civil engineering) 7
1st class construction engineer (Electrical works) 17
1st class construction engineer (Mechanical works) 19
LEED Accredited Professional 3
WELL Accredited Professional 2
CASBEE accredited professional 48
CFMJ (Certified Facility Manager) 35
Specified building surveyor 7
Building finish inspection engineer 2
Building MEP inspection engineer 10
Quantity Surveyor 16
Value Engineering Leader and specialists 18
Fire defense equipment officer 12
Information Technology Engineer 18
Electrical Consultants over 10 years experience in IT and Telecom field 4
AV engineer 2
Office Security Coordinator 4
Healthcare Management Consultant 3
Welfare housing environment coordinator (1st and 2nd class) 5
Registered real estate broker 5
Licensed tax accountant 1