Experienced in-house professionals

Our certified and experienced in-house professionals service your various needs and demands.

Certified professionals (some have multiple certifications)

As of August 31, 2019

Professional Engineer (Electrical & Electronics / Mechanical) 6
1st class architect 78
1st class structural design architect 3
1st class equipment design architect 10
CCMJ (Certified Construction Manager) 65
Building mechanical and electrical engineer 18
Electric chief engineer (2nd type / 3rd type) 5
Professional lighting consultant, Senior lighting consultant 3
1st class construction engineer (Architectural works) 32
1st class construction engineer (Civil engineering) 7
1st class construction engineer (Electrical works) 15
1st class construction engineer (Mechanical works) 19
CASBEE accredited professional 35
CFMJ (Certified Facility Manager) 36
Specified building surveyor 8
Building finish inspection engineer 3
Building MEP inspection engineer 7
Quantity Surveyor 12
Value Engineering Leader and specialists 15
Fire defense equipment officer 11
Information Technology Engineer 12
Electrical Consultants over 10 years experience in IT and Telecom field 4
AV engineer 2
Office Security Coordinator 6
Healthcare Management Consultant 4
Welfare housing environment coordinator (1st and 2nd class) 7
Registered real estate broker 12
Licensed tax accountant 1