Privacy Policy

1st April, 2017
Meiho Facility Works Ltd.
CEO Yoshi Onuki

Meiho Facility Works (hereinafter referred to as Meiho) complies with the personal information protection law and protects all personal information provided by our clients, business associates and stock holders

Acknowledgement of social liability

Personal information and its use.

Meiho will specify the purpose of use for any personal information when obtained. However, information obtained through the mutual exchange of business cards may be used to a reasonable extent by our marketing team to introduce our services and forward our company information.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties and undefined use of information.

Personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties or used for undefined purposes without obtaining prior approval of the person or persons concerned, except for when such disclosure is required by law.

Consignment of personal information

Personal information obtained by Meiho may be consigned to our business associates for the purposes of executing our professional services only. In the case of consignment of personal information, Meiho shall contract between such business associates to confer a similar duty of care and prevent information leakage and transmission to any other party.

Management of personal information

Meiho shall employ information safety management policies, procedures and systems to avoid any personal information loss, damage, alteration, leakage and/or unauthorized access.

Disclosure of personal information

Any person wishing to confirm or modify his or her personal information held by Meiho, should contact the planning department. Meiho will process any such requests upon submission and verification of personal identification. Should there be reasonable reason as to why we are unable to modify the information, Meiho will provide details.


Please contact planning department for any complaints related to our privacy policy.

Compliance and information safety/security management

Personal information protection law, regulations and guidelines are set by the authorities,and as such require an on-going review and improvement of our privacy policy. Modifications or improvements will be up-loaded on our website as they become necessary.

Access log

Meiho aggregates information of your access and keep it in certain period in our web-site as "Access log" to enhance the convenience of users and better service. Access log is information that incudes access time and date, frequency, IP address, access browser type, cookie information, etc. and does not include any personal information. It is used part of our service improvement only.


Cookie is a small piece of data sent from our web servers and stored in your web browser while you are browsing in case you set to receive cookie in your PC and mobile device. That recorded do not include any personal information such as user's name and email address.

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