Message from the CEO

Meiho Facility Works Ltd. Yoshi Onuki / Chief Executive Officer We are an independent Construction Management (CM) company providing client orientated professional services based on our corporate ethics of “fairness” and “transparency”.

Our CM Services became highly required in recent years when Japan is facing drastic change.
MEIHO’s CM services is to support client to develop business strategy for innovation from feasibility phase, by providing specific solutions, accurate costing and scheduling.
All services are open and visualized throughout the project to retain accountability for client’s decision-making process and cost transparency.

Nowadays, workstyle innovation is an essential factor for corporate firms.
Digital workplace allows us to work efficiently anywhere, anytime. We have realized this through our own unique IT system by visualizing and quantifying our activities. Our consultancy services accelerate workstyle innovation among clients relocating their offices.

We shall enforce open book management to survive new digital era and without being tied to customary, we purse for client focused services which cultivate trusts and continue our contribution to society by striving to be your true professional partner.


Yoshi Onuki
Chief Executive Officer