Message from the CEO

Meiho Facility Works Ltd. Yoshi Onuki / Chief Executive Officer The heart of our business lies in the corporate ethos of “Fairness and Transparency”. We provide professional Construction Management (CM) services by remaining independent capital and retain neutrality.

In this major paradigm shift towards digital society and search for a brighter future, we feel reliability and transparency is further prevailed in the society. It is our mission to realize transparency foundation required by the society through our CM services. Pursuing service excellence and passion for client first is what we consider as definition of professional. We shall continue to respond to the expectations and accumulate trusts.

The next 10 years is not extension of past decades, we are facing unpredictable and inexperienced future. We provide management services for the building construction projects for public and private sectors, office fit-out projects including workstyle consulting. I am certain that there will be increasing needs in these projects to clearly define end-result value in earlier stage, fast decision making and flexible hands on strategies to cope with volatile world.

Through good understanding of client’s business, we provide specific and realistic solutions with our diverse skilled members and deliver value to our clients and continue to be the “Challenging Frontier”.


Yoshi Onuki
Chief Executive Officer