Consolidation Case studies

Coca-Cola East Japan Co.,Ltd.

Business integration of four companies (Reorganization of four main offices and ten branch office)

Construction of new main office by business integration, and reorganization & integration of multiple branch offices accompanying the relocation of personnel
Completed project in a short period of 5.5 months

Facilities Outline

LocationKanto Region & Tokai Region
ScaleTotal approx.6,000 tsubo (19,800m²)

Project Outline

We provided a design and project management service f for the main office and branch offices of Coca-Cola East Japan Co.,Ltd. which integrated their businesses on July 1, 2013.
The purpose of this project was to integrate a physical platform for the office as quickly as possible along with the business integration. Therefore, we focused on speed in the promotion of this project. At the same time as the construction of the new main office, the reorganization of multiple facilities accompanying the retransfer of personnel, and the integration project of the call center were implemented in parallel.
We completed the project in only 5.5 months which contains of the relocation, reorganization and integration for a total floor space of approximate 19,800m2 combining the main office and branch offices.

Our Service

We actualized the vision "One+" which the client aimed in this office integration project, in the short term, and achieved space efficiency and cost reduction by the concentration of functions.
The new main office was integrated into one facility from a total of four locations, three offices in Tokyo and one office in Yokohama.
Adopted two types of working style, universal and shared desk, for the office area to match the job and working style of the employees.
Improved the area efficiency by the multi-functionalization of the communication area, and also improved the convenience of the employees by arranging the area in the middle of the office.
In addition, integrated duplicated information counters, conference rooms and etc. to realize a 35% reduction of the overall area.
Regarding the construction costs, we performed price assessment and negotiations on the quotations from the land load designated contractor (B Work), and implemented bid for the tenant designated work (C Work).
As a result, the final cost was reduced by about 20% compared with the initial quotation.

Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Business integration of six companies (Concentration of four headquarters functions / Reorganization of about 100 subsidiary companies nationwide)

Facilities Outline

LocationTokyo and Nationwide
Scale7,300 → 6,300 tsubo
(24,090 → 20,790m²)
102 → 65 branches

Project Outline

The business integration of Mitsubishi Shokuhin in 2011 was an important project, where the existing model of the distribution industry evolved by the concentration of human resources and management resources of six companies, in order to maintain a leading position in the industry.
Since this integration took place immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the preparation period to the 1st integration was only three months.
In the reorganization of two headquarters offices and about 100 subsidiary companies nationwide, we carefully responded to requests onsite while closely cooperating with the liaison team, in order to realize the greatest possible economic effect within a limited period of time.
Despite various difficulties and restrictions for the integration of the six companies with different cultures, we implemented proposals in consideration of the synergy and business efficiency after the integration.